Flower Subscriptions

Flowers are scientifically proven to not only increase happiness but to actively decrease stress and anxiety. So why not treat yourself or someone else to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly flower subscription. Our flower subscriptions also make a fabulous and unique gift for a birthday or anniversary.

The weekly bunches come wrapped in elegant dark green packaging and will contain beautiful flowers and foliage hand picked from the flower market. Each week the flowers will be different and seasonal where possible. The types of flowers included will be roses, peonies, hydrangeas and other gorgeous flowers and foliage.

Alchemy or Pickle jars are abundant with fresh flowers and foliage and come tied with a pretty ribbon. The water has been treated so you shouldn’t even need to change it. Just take delivery and place it in the desired area of your home. Each week we will deliver a freshly stocked pickle or alchemy jar and take the old one away. Couldn’t be simpler.